General Instructions and Guidance for Nominators and Reviewers

About the AHMP Awards Program

The AHMP Awards program recognizes and honors individuals, chapters, and organizations for outstanding contributions in education, training, research, organizational development, operations, and performance that further AHMP's Strategic Plan. There are four Professional Member awards, three Chapter awards, and two AHMP "Friend" awards. Award recipients are recognized during the annual AHMP National Conference, where nominees and recipients will be publicly commended for their efforts to elevate the EHS&S industry and enhance the success of AHMP and its local chapters. All awards will be given every year in which at least one nominee meets the minimum criteria. In special circumstances, an award normally given to one recipient may be given to more than one at the recommendation of the Awards Committee, with final decision by the AHMP board of directors.

Guidance for preparing and submitting nominations for these awards is provided below. Please read all instructions carefully—nonconforming submittals will not be reviewed.

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Nominators for all awards, and nominees for the Professional Member awards, will be members of AHMP in good standing with all dues paid. AHMP members who are not associated with a chapter may self-nominate for the four Professional Member awards. Nominators will complete the header information on the appropriate Award Evaluation form and use it as a cover sheet for the nomination submittal, leaving the rest of the page blank for the reviewers' use. The submittal must contain sufficient documentation and narration to substantiate all statements and claims submitted. If an individual or chapter is being nominated for multiple awards, separate nominations must be submitted for each award, each with its own Award Evaluation cover sheet. Note that while most awards are based on achievements in the previous calendar year (the "award year"), some awards allow a longer term, so read instructions carefully. When assembling documentation of participation at a conference or other event, please do not send the entire program or presentation; instead, send only the pages that show the name/date of the event and your relevant participation. The resulting nomination with its cover sheet shall be assembled into one .pdf file, with the cover sheet first and the ensuing documentation in order of appearance on the cover sheet. This assists the reviewers in locating and giving credit for all completed criteria. The nomination .pdf file must be submitted electronically to [email protected] and received by April 30, 2024. Late submittals will not be reviewed, and nominations submitted to email addresses other than [email protected] may not be reviewed.


The committee chair or Board liaison will verify "in good standing" status with the cooperation of AHMP and will then email nominations to committee members for review right away. Committee members are strongly encouraged to review each nomination as it is received instead of waiting until the deadline to begin. Committee members will review submittals for the individual and chapter awards, complete the cover sheets for each submittal, and email only the completed cover sheets to [email protected] by May 31, 2024. The committee chair or Board liaison will provide nominations for the "Friends" awards to the Board of Directors to review, and they will complete the cover sheets accompanying each submittal and submit them to [email protected] by May 31, 2024. NOTE THAT REVIEWERS HAVE ONE MONTH TO COMPLETE REVIEWS—THE TIME IS AMPLE, AND LATE EVALUATIONS WILL NOT BE COMPILED. The committee chair or board liaison will compile the results from the completed cover sheets and notify the Board and AHMP of the results by June 15, 2024, so that notifications can be made to the recipients and awards can be prepared for them. If the Awards Committee experiences difficulty in designating any award winner(s), and it cannot be resolved by the committee chair, the Board of Directors may assist in the resolution.


Questions regarding the program or its implementation should be directed to [email protected].

AHMP Award References

Professional Member: Any individual who practices in the fields of hazardous materials management and homeland security, or who provides goods or services to persons practicing in those fields.

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Nominations with their evaluation forms/cover sheets must be received by the deadline. Nominations must be submitted electronically to [email protected]. Click on the links below to download the evaluation forms/cover sheets:

AHMP Certified Member Awards Evaluation Forms/Cover Sheets

AHMP Chapter Award Evaluation Forms/Cover Sheets

AHMP Friends Award Evaluation Forms/Cover Sheets