Strategic Plan

Premier, Sustainable, & Recognized

Vision: “AHMP is the premier global leader for hazardous materials professionals.”

Mission: “AHMP maximizes our community, voice, knowledge exchange, & management support of hazardous materials professionals; making our world safer & healthier.”

We are trusted, ethical advisors, operating with professional integrity. We believe in lifelong learning, continuous transfer of knowledge and professional growth. We foster two-way, transparent, and frequent communication. We are good stewards, accountable for our responsibilities and to our communities. We are innovative, accessible, and seek excellence in order to be sustainable. We take pride in AHMP, our professional contributions, and the benefits they bring to others.

Outcomes Focus:
OUTCOME 1: Members experience consistent premier value delivery
OUTCOME 2: Chapters are partners in, & receive, premier value delivery
OUTCOME 3: Short & long-term financial and staff resources are sustainable
OUTCOME 4: Internal & external premier brand recognition is maximized.