Council of Fellows

The AHMP Council of Fellows is comprised of individuals who have meta at least one of the following criteria: a past chair of AHMP, a Pete-Cook award winner, or appointed by a previous chair. The council of AHMP Fellows was put into place in part so that their experiences, skills, expertise, and passion for AHMP can help contribute to the future success of the association.

  • David Benshoof
  • Charles (Chuck) Bessey
  • Adriane Borgias
  • Mark Bruce
  • Scott Butterfield
  • Dave Carey
  • Richard (Rich) Cartwright
  • Doyle Cox
  • Christopher Cutler
  • Daryl Dierwechter
  • Bruce Donato
  • Mike Gordon
  • James Harless
  • Joe Jenkins
  • Allison King
  • Lee (Charley) Kubler
  • Linda Lawhorn
  • Ken Manchen
  • Mike Maheiux
  • John Mitchell
  • Elizabeth (Liz) Pfeiffer
  • Cindy Savage
  • Zehra Schneider-Graham
  • Dan Snyder

Upcoming Events & Meetings: TBD

Meeting Minutes: TBD