EHMM Scholarship

EHMM Scholarships for course tuition are awarded once per calendar quarter.  In order to apply for the Scholarship, please submit a letter responding to the below enumerated criteria.  Scholarships will be issued only to members in good standing of AHMP, an AHMP-affiliated chapter (including CyberChapter), or an AHMP-affiliated section. EHMM Scholarships for tuition can be used for virtual or in-person events. The scholarship will cover the tuition and an e-Desk Reference at the price offered by the entity providing the EHMM course (there is some variation among providers). Payment for EHMM events will be made directly from the AHMP Scholarship fund to the organization providing the event.

How To Apply

Scholarship application letters may be submitted at any time to the email address below. Once per quarter, the Scholarship evaluation team will identify and notify a Scholarship recipient.  The recipient has one year in which to use the scholarship. If it is unused for one year, the scholarship expires and the recipient must submit a new application. The Scholarship Team reserves the right to make no awards in a given quarter. Non-recipients will also be notified and encouraged to apply again. 

In your Scholarship request letter please address the following information:

  • Your name, company (if employed), home address and preferred contact information 
  • Description of why you believe you should receive a Scholarship for tuition 
  • Number of years in the environmental field 
  • Educational background 
  • Documentation of your membership in AHMP, AHMP chapter, and/or AHMP section 
  • Description of leadership roles you have held in AHMP or other professional organizations  
  • Description of your financial need 
  • Your intent to use the scholarship tuition within twelve months of receiving the award 

Email your application letter to [email protected]. Questions can be directed to Linda Lawhorn, [email protected] or 865-771-1011.

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